Monday, April 21, 2008

freewlan Addons 0.9.5 released

距離上一個多災多難的版本Addons 0.9.4並不久,很快地0.9.5就來了,這次的更新內容有:

New features:

  • Before proceeding the choice WEP or No encryption a warning about the security risk is displayed.
  • A new key generator can provide encryption keys with maximum key length for WEP, WPA and WPA2 for the private WiFi?.
  • WEP encryption appliable for all Wifi signals (except FON WiFi?).
  • Webif GUI now available in Italian translation.


  • Access settings now saved in AP mode.
  • Channel is now selected well after reboot.
  • Allowed chilli entities will now be save and restore as well.
  • WPA cipher selection corrected.
  • Improved security for Diagnostics page.
  • WEP encrypted MyPlace? tested up and runnig.
  • Switching WEP/WPA encryption works now.
  • Status page enhanced in fallback mode.
  • Data connection from device at WLAN uplink side to device behind Fonera (br1) now possible.
不過剛剛試了一下,個人所關心的mac cloning失效的問題還是存在,看來還是必需用破破的英文去討論區反應給辛苦的ChrisPHL。


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